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Past Pupils

‘What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from’.
T. S. Eliot.

StudentsSchool’s out! Each year around 45 pupils of the British section, Lycée International come to the end of their school careers. Sometimes unwittingly but with great consistency, they now become alumni! In many cases friendships will endure well beyond school; sometimes for life. Networking and shared experiences are also real benefits of an active alumni base. Our aim is to augment the informal channels linking past pupils, and also to bridge the gap between them and present pupils in order to make those benefits go further.

What’s next? Around 60% of British Section leavers head for universities in the UK. Over the years some 16% of these have gone to Oxford or Cambridge Universities. University and Kings Colleges, London, and Bristol University, are also regular destinations, and each account for 7-8% of UK bound leavers. Bath, Kent, LSE, and Sussex are also popular choices. Of those going on to study elsewhere, most aim for the Classes Preparatoires in France, including Henri IV, Hoche, Jeanson de Sailly, Pasteur, Fénelon. Some go further afield with Universities including Harvard in the USA and McGill in Canada, regular features.

And then?…For the most part we can only guess at the rich diversity of careers chosen by the evolving Alumni. We want to know more!

Building the base. Initiatives include a series of regular interviews in the British Section’s ‘Insites’ magazine. Recent, much appreciated, contributions have featured Gregoire Humbert, studying at Sciences Po in Paris.and Penny Moss, reading Geography at Southampton University. In addition British Section past students are regular participants at the ‘Forum des Metiers’ organised by the Apeli ‘Club’ in which former pupils present their experiences, and hold group and individual discussions with 1ere and Terminale pupils.

The exciting new development is a website for ALL the former pupils of the Lycée International. This is the chance to catch up with news of your old friends and classmate - not just those who were in the British Section.

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See you or hear from you soon, we hope!