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Club International

Club International Event

Club International is an association gathering parents from each and every section of the Lycee International, which aims to raise money for special projects that benefit the environment of our children and enhance the cultural specificity of the LI.

There are many fundraising activities throughout the year. Part of the money raised helps co-finance large projects concerning all children and the rest goes directly to the sections to use for their own particular projects.

Fundraising and cultural activities:

  1. Christmas fair,
  2. “Mamas and Papas” concert and cabaret,
  3. Summer Fete and Car Boot sale,
  4. Cine-club all year long,
  5. Dedicated days to Sections with special lunch at the cantine and various cultural animation along the D-Day,
  6. Football tournaments…

Last CI projects:

  1. Playground area for the primary school on the LI site,
  2. Blinds for the 1st floor of the primary school on the LI site with the British section,
  3. achat de DVDs et présentoir pour le cine-club,

Have you any ideas ?
If you have an idea for a project which would be suitable for either the British Section of Club International or all sections please let us know. It could be to provide extra sports/drama facilities, it might be for travel and trips or providing educational equipment. We would love to hear from you and help bring any suitable project to fruition.