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APELI (Association des Parents d’Elèves du Lycée International)

Education at the Lycée International is based on two pillars:

  • the French national curriculum, and

  • the teaching related to a student’s National section.

Each National section has its own ‘elected’ association of parents to represent them. In addition, French law requires that parents must be represented within the part of the school providing the French national curriculum. All parents therefore participate in annual elections held mid-October to select a French Parents Association.

APELI (Association des Parents d’Elèves du Lycée International) was specifically created with the goal of representing and uniting all parents of the Lycée International. To this end, APELI’s statutes of association state that parent representatives from each National section, appointed by their own parents association, sit on APELI’s board.

APELI is a non-political, non-religious, non-union-backed and non-profit-making association.


  • To continually work on improving the school environment and conditions for students.

  • To protect and enhance the international spirit of the school.

  • To preserve the uniqueness of international education and the OIB.


  • Represents parents whenever necessary at the school at the:

    - ‘Conseil de classe’ (held once per school term);
    - ‘Conseil d’Administration’ (the school’s Governing Body);
    - ‘Conseil de la Vie Lycéenne’ (the student council); and
    - ‘Comité d’Education à la Santé et à la Citoyenneté’, etc.

  • Liaises between parents, the school administration and teaching teams and intervenes whenever an organisational problem arises, for example, teacher absences, changes in timetables, the school calendar, the introduction of new programmes.

  • Organises Lycée events:

    - The Open Day ‘Journée Portes Ouvertes’ (welcomes and provides information for new and existing students and parents);
    - Parent-teacher meetings;
    - The ‘Carrefour des Etudes et Métiers’ (a career and Higher Education Forum);
    - ‘Leur mois de Juin’ (extra-curricular activities for collège students mid-June);
    - The OIB Graduation ceremony; and
    - The promotion of road safety around the school.

Other APELI Services

  • Contribution towards the salary of the school theatre technician, in conjunction with other school associations.

  • Publication of the ‘APELI Guide’ and ‘Transport’ guide; and the magazines ‘Liaisons’ and ‘Regards’.

  • Provision of an office and website to help with general enquiries about school life.